My son (18yo) started his first semester at Clovis Community College this month. The school is located in Clovis, New Mexico. If you've read the About Me page or kept up with this blog, you know we live in Florida. He didn't go across country to attend school. He's still right here with us at home. He's taking a full lineup of online courses.

I got a chance to play around a little in the school's online system yesterday, to see what it was like. It's very well set-up and easy to navigate. When my son logs in, he can see a list of all upcoming assignments for all his classes for the week, and what date and time they are due. It's even color-coded, so that he can tell in a glance which classes have assignments.

Clovis charges $89 per-credit-hour for out-of-state students, plus $50 per course for online courses. This means a 3-credit course costs $317. This is obviously more than a CLEP test and more than a StraighterLine course; however, if your child would qualify for a Pell Grant, you may be able to offset some or all of your costs. My son's Pell Grant paid for everything, even his books. Clovis has regional accreditation, so the credits earned will transfer to one of the Big 3; has open enrollment, so you aren't jumping through the SAT/ACT/college-application-essay hoops; and does not charge a fee to apply. (You do need to be a high school graduate. No, this does not mean you suddenly have to have an "accredited" high school diploma from a public or private school. A homeschooled high school graduate may apply.)

So far, he's been enjoying his courses, though I think it took him a few days to adjust to the idea of set due-dates versus building his own schedule. That's not a bad thing - most of us encounter deadlines not of our own choosing at some point in our lives.

I will post another "review" of the school at the end of the term.