So, at some point, while altering this basic Weebly template, I did something that made the text for the comments boxes disappear.  (I suppose the text is in white and against my white background, you can't see it.  You could right-click and drag across it to view it, if you wanted.)

Problem is, I can't seem to fix it only on the blog.  If I change the CSS, it's a universal change - one I don't really want to make.  At some point I'll probably hit on some totally brilliant solution.

Meanwhile, if you want to leave a comment (and that doesn't much happen here so I'm not too worried about all this), the first box is for your name and it's required.  Well, a name is required.  Get creative!  You could be Melba Toast, or Bill Board, or Candy Cane.  The second box is for your email, which is "not published."  You could come up with some zinger there, too.  The third box asks for your website.  You're welcome to put something there or leave it blank.  And the last box is obviously for your comment.  You can really go to town there.  Just note if it's spam, I'll delete it.

(The little check box before you submit is for allowing you to agree to getting email updates to the comments, if you want.)
You just can't make this stuff up.

Some time ago, I discovered that the link I had to the 88-page SAT Preparation Booklet was broken.  I went to the College Board website and found the page with the publications links.  (It's HERE.)  I found a link called, "The SAT Practice booklet."

"Excellent," I thought.  Only... the link takes you to a "Page Not Found" error message.  Huh.

So, I contacted the College Board and explained what I was looking for.  This began a back-and-forth conversation which became more and more humorous as we went along.

For example, one of my replies went like this:

"Thank you for your response directing me to your Subject Test booklets.  However, as I said, I am looking for the test preparation booklet for the general SAT.  If you go to this link <link here> on YOUR site, you will find it doesn't work.  Could you please let me know the correct link, or if you have discontinued this publication?"

The answer to this email was something along the lines of, "You can find our full practice test here."

Yep.  Five emails and each time I was sent to something I wasn't looking for, despite my detailed explanations and inclusion of their dead link.  Can we say, "Robots answer our inquiry emails based on key words and real people never see these things."?

I eventually gave up.  But, being an optimist in general, I thought recently that I'd give it another try.

Uh, suffice it to say, if you want the free booklet, you'll have to use the older version (2007-2008) HERE.  Meanwhile, the College Board is happy to let me know that preparations for shipments of materials to schools and institutions (based on prior usage) have begun and I should receive mine by mid to late August.

I'm feeling so special right now.  I can't begin to find the words.
I added a privacy policy to the site.  (You can find the link at the bottom of the home page.)  You don't really need to read it.  In a nutshell, I'm not collecting or keeping information about site visitors, and if I was, I wouldn't sell it or even give it away.

I do check my site stats, but I stay away from the stuff that might tell me about individual users.  I just look at the "came from" links and the overall numbers.  This tells me what pages are "popular" and also who has linked to my site.  I like to keep an eye on that.  If anyone ever says something really critical about HCUSA, I'd like to know.  Not so much in a "damage control" capacity, but because if the criticism is warranted, I'll do my best to fix or change whatever is wrong.  If someone just hates the site or adheres to the "If it's free it must be garbage." belief... well, he's entitled to his opinions.  Not much I can say to that!
We get a lot of clicks to the site from people who have posted about HCUSA on their Facebook pages.  (Thanks, BTW!)  I figured it was about time to make a Facebook page specifically for us.


If you're on Facebook and get a chance, please "like" the site to get the word out.  I know this sounds like shameless promotion, but I think you've all figured out by now that I'm definitely not profiting from this site!  I simply want to reach and help as many people as possible.
Well, let's see.  After a holiday season filled with kidney stones (my husband), a terrible UTI (me), and bouts with serious colds (the whole family), it only took me what?  Three months to finally get the rest of the website migrated.  Ha!  But we're here now, and that's the important thing, right?

Thanks to everyone for your patience with the move.  I hope you all like the new site.  If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm all ears!