For anyone not familiar with the meaning behind my post title, my husband is a former Marine.  He says this all the time.  Something to do with ducking and running in enemy territory.

Anyway, in my case, just wanted to take a moment and stop in on my own site.  Been awhile since I said anything here, eh?  Life has been just as crazy as ever, but in a few weeks my kids head off to camp and I will be doing another round of, "Hey, let's spend 7 hours checking all the links on the website to make sure they're active and going where they're supposed to!"

A friend quite innocently asked, "Can't you just use one of those link-checking sites that scan your site for broken links?"  Well, yes... I could do that.  Problem is, it will only let me know about broken links.  More often than not, what I get isn't a broken link, it's a moved link within a site that still exists, or it's now something like a generic page full off ads.  And so I have to check everything manually.  It's rather tiresome, but it needs to be done on a regular basis.

In other news:  If you've been thinking about using the DESTINOS program for Spanish, and considering purchasing the textbook that goes with it, I now have a copy of both the first and second editions.  (Long story.  Not gonna waste your time with it.)  I compared the two and IMHO, no, the second edition is not so wonderfully different that it's worth the extra expense.  Get the first.  I saw today on Amazon that it's SELLING USED for as little as $0.44  Also, nifty extra, you can get the audio files that go with the textbook free HERE.  Just FYI, though, the audio files contain the clips for both the textbook listening portion and the workbooks listening portion in each lesson, with the textbook portion coming first.  The good news is, if you want the workbooks, you can find those pretty cheap as well.  (Again, I am talking about the OLDER EDITIONS.  The second edition workbooks even used are generally over $20, but if you want to use the free audio files, you want the older workbooks anyway.)

And don't forget SPANISH HOUR.  From their main page:  "If you have a Facebook account, our 50 day Spanish for beginners course is free. What are you waiting for? In just 20 days you will be able to express yourself in the present tense. In 33 days, just over a month, you will be at an intermediate level and able to converse in Spanish in past, present and future tense. And in 50 days you will have learned 2 years' worth of college level Spanish."