I had a conversation with someone some time ago discussing whether or not "people cook any more." Her theory was generally not. I countered that I know plenty of people who do, but she then dismissed that (rightfully?) as some sort of quaint and quirky aspect of homeschooling.

When I wanted to teach my children the basics of cooking, I went about it the way I do everything else. I sought out free resources online and through the library and began twice-weekly cooking lessons. Now they can handle dinner when I'm pressed for time.

My feeling on the matter is that *everyone* should learn how to cook. We don't all have to be four-star chefs, but we should all know how to put together several different, decent meals. If nothing else, it's a money-saver. Dining out or relying strictly on convenience foods will drain your budget big-time. Beyond that, it can be a matter of health as well. Cooking a wholesome meal is much better for you and your family than a stop-off at the drive-thru.

Too bad there's no CLEP for Cooking & Nutrition! Maybe that would spur more young people on to learning. :)

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