So... I switched here to Weebly some time ago, because I liked all they have to offer. Their free hosting is phenomenal by itself, but the paid hosting is even better and extremely affordable.

Last night I decided that, by golly, I was going to figure out what I could do so that the problem with the blog comments not showing up would be fixed. I tried several things before finally throwing in the towel and submitting a support request.

Robin from Weebly didn't just give me some kind of form answer like those typically generated by support tickets at so many different sites. (You know the kind. They're based on key words in your request and most of the time don't even answer your question.) No, she actually fixed the problem for me. How totally awesome is that?  Hmmm... Robin, if you for some reason see this and you're a guy, my apologies for the gender assumption!

If you have a website hosted somewhere else, I urge you to look into moving it to Weebly. If you are thinking of starting one, even just as a personal blog, again, look at Weebly. This isn't about referrals or anything. I don't even know if they have a referral program, and if you do sign up, you absolutely don't have to mention me or HC USA if asked. I tried to count up the number of web hosts I have had over the years, and there have been at least 9. Probably more that I simply don't remember. None of them have ever impressed me as much as Weebly has. Yeah. They're THAT good.

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