I was able to find the student editions of the newer PASS books on the Wayback Machine, so I have updated the links on the individual pages. (We'll see how long that lasts!) However, these links do not include the teacher editions. I highly recommend you use the information below to order the free CDs. You'll get the TEs this way. There is no guarantee how long they will be available, so do it soon. It may be that you never even use them, but they're nice to have, just in case, and you can always give the CDs away later, if you want.

Meanwhile, the World Geography PASS book apparently never made it through the revision stage. This means it is not available on the CDs, or at Wayback, like it was on the ERIC site. I have just spent over two hours trying to find a good, legal, free alternative, without success. There is a free geography book at Flatworld Knowledge, but when you click on the online free edition, all the photos are missing.

If you know of a free geography book, please let me know! I will keep searching myself and hopefully find something soon.

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